Passionate experts

Every one of our employees is an expert with a proven track record.

Dirk has had numerous years of experience as a mechanic. He is an authority in this field, and knows all Maseratis through and through. Jasper and Dennis are two young, driven mechanics who share the same passion for classic cars.

Working together, our team is dedicated to restoring vehicles at the highest possible level, with an eye for perfection down to the tiniest details.

About Patrick Hanssens

I, Patrick Hanssens, developed a passion for the Maserati car make around 25 years ago. During this quarter of a century I amassed a unique, extensive top-class collection of Maserati vehicles. It all started with the classic Ghibli (AM115), the car that ignited my love for the make. My collection has since expanded to contain seventeen cars.

What fascinates me in particular is the unique history of the Maserati make, and its technical engineering.

Considering that my first restoration project started 25 years ago, I have built up a vast amount of technical expertise and experience.

Thanks to Mistral Classics we can satisfy the demands of Maserati owners, who can finally leave the restoration and maintenance of their classic car to a specialist.