Maserati 3500 GT

An unrestored Maserati 3500 GT from 1958.
The Maserati 3500 with chassis 101.212 is a very early car.  It was sold directly to the client Mr. Roberto Cantini in Milano on July 14th, 1958 for 3.956.000 Lire. It was delivered on September 1st 1958.
Very particular for this car are the lung-shaped air vents on both sides of the car. This rare feature was introduced on only a handful of early cars (other examples include chassis numbers 101.102 and 101.202).
Apart from the air vents this 3500 GT has many of the features of the very early models such as the distinctive seats, different instruments, early type engine with external oil pump, etc.
The car was originally delivered in paint colour “Grigio topo” and the interior was “Pelle Rossa” or red leather with carpets or tappeti in “Grigio Scuro” or dark grey. It is awaiting restoration to bring it back to these stunning original specifications.

6 Cylinders in line, 3.485 cc, with triple Weber carburators, body by Touring n° 5264