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Experts with passion

Our employees are all specialists with a proven track record.


2022 was the year in which we increased our knowledge even further with a new and larger team to guarantee that we can restore your premium classic car with an eye for the finest details. However, you can also contact us for maintenance or a smaller problem that needs solving.


With more than 100 years of knowledge shared between us in the field of restoration, these cars have no more secrets for us. Your dream car is in good hands with us. Together, our team strives to carry our restorations of the highest quality, paying attention to the smallest details.


For more information, please contact us without any obligation.


Diederik Vermoesen

Diederik grew up in a VW-Audi-Porsche garage, and they couldn’t keep him out of the workshop. For example, at the age of 14 he fitted a Porsche "914 engine" into his "cross” beetle. After studying safety engineering, he held several national and international technical management positions. 


However, cars have always been his passion and he now owns several Maserati classic cars, as well as a number of beautiful motociclos from the 1950s.  After a severe burnout, he decided to turn his life around and follow his passion; he inspired Patrick to give Mistral Classics some fresh impetus. Together, they decided to involve Michael and founded the new Mistral Classics (2.0) in April 2022.

Besides restorations of Maserati cars and motociclos, Diederik is also responsible for operational and administrative matters.


MC_Portret-2022_Ieper_150922 -353.jpg
MC_Portret-2022_Ieper_150922 -451.jpg

 Van Ooteghem

Michaël has been passionate about cars and engineering since he was 16. At the age of 17, he started restoring his first car, an Austin Mini. After restoring several Minis, both his passion and the cars began to grow, leading to the purchase of his first AC Cobra replica. This car wasn’t exactly to his liking, however, and he fitted it with a more appropriate V8 engine, instead of the existing V12. The chassis was also modified to improve handling.

Unsurprisingly, Michael was by then also professionally involved with his great love, winning numerous awards along the way, including ‘Best & youngest diagnostic technician at Hyundai Europe’ (4th in the world).

Michaël later started working for ACG Maserati, where he met Patrick Hanssens. They kept in touch and, a few years later, Michaël decided to focus entirely on classic cars.

He loves fast cars, airplanes, submarines, space/interstellar, track driving, Nürburgring, road trips, museums, vintage, automobilia, etc.


When Davy bought his first classic cars in 1995 and got them up and running, the figurative spark was well and truly ignited. It was obvious by then that Davy would always remain in the automotive world.

In 1997, he bought his Beetle, which he is still working on today and regularly goes drag racing with it.

Full-time car restorer with broad general expertise since 2010.

MC_Portret-2022_Ieper_150922 -17.jpg
MC_Portret-2022_Ieper_150922 -214.jpg



Steven is a passionate classic car fanatic. Almost 20 years ago, he bought his first youngtimer and restored it to perfection. He was determined to have the car ready for his 18th birthday! The passion was already there, and there’s been no stopping it since.

Steven enjoys tinkering with, modifying, and modernising classic cars. After having restored many cars, he also found a passion for 2-stroke mopeds and motorcycles over the years. Steven turned his hobby into his job, and so is ‘always at work’, as it were.


A love for vintage cars was instilled in Ruben from a young age, as his father was involved with English classic cars at home, a bug that Ruben was quick to catch. This bore fruit when Ruben obtained a degree in automotive engineering in 2011 and immediately started working as an automotive technician. 


Ruben worked as a technician for Volvo and Lotus for 11 years. Despite his interest in modern vehicles, Ruben greatly missed the classic cars, since modern car dealers never show much interest in classic car restoration. 


When the opportunity arose to work for Mistral Classics as a restorer, Ruben seized it with both hands. Diederik persuaded Ruben to follow his passion and be part of the young Mistral Classics team. Mistral Classics works and restores with a passion that is rare to find now. 


Being part of this is an honour!

MC_Portret-2022_Ieper-5 Large.jpeg
MC_Portret-2022_Ieper_150922 -72-2.jpg

DIRK schelkens

As a true lover of classic cars, Dirk has been able to add an extra dimension to his career that comes directly from his hobby. He recently joined the Mistral Classics team part-time, providing technical support in the workshop. With his wide knowledge of every aspect of this, his long experience always comes in handy. 


He spends his free time on private projects, including a 1942 WWII Dodge WC-54 ambulance, and a body-off restoration of a 1937 Alvis Speed 25/20 supercharged special. This clearly shows his love and knowledge of pre-war classic cars.

Staf Saint-Germain

With Staf, it all started at the age of 15 with a motocross bike that was lying around more often than it could be ridden, causing him to catch the engineering bug. 

After attending an Automotive Engineering course at secondary school, Staf was able to enrol in a Bachelor's programme in Automotive Technology and spent 6 months in Sweden under the Erasmus programme.

His interest in classic cars also grew in the meantime, for example with him buying his first vintage car, a Volkswagen T2 pickup. Later, a Volvo 340 was added, with which he rounded off his adventure in Sweden.

He completed his final internship and training at Mistral Classics, where he has been indispensable ever since.


Dempsey Vande Kerckhove

From an early age, Dampsey has been fascinated and passionate about everything an engine can do, partly because of his older brother, who is a true BMW fanatic.
He is the proud owner of a Mercedes 190E 2.3 16v, which he uses for regular tours with his young family, or to speed around the Nürburgring.

Due to medical problems, his work as a wheel repairer was no longer feasible. However, he has found his dream job as workshop assistant.

Spending every day among these top classic cars is everyone's boyhood dream, right?

Interests: all cars before 1989, Mercedes, RC cars, DTM, Nürburgring, DTM, rallying and other motorsports.


Thierry was born and raised in Ypres. An entrepreneur at heart and passionate classic car collector. His passion lies mainly in exceptional cars, cars with a history, a story.


This passion began at a young age, and Thierry still remembers the spark vividly. He was only 6 years old when his father bought a Chevrolet Impala Coupé. Being allowed to clean this car as a child was his favourite activity. At the age of 16, Thierry travelled to America, where his interest in American cars grew.


Not much later, at the age of 19, Thierry bought his first classic. A 1965 Cadillac Sedan, which was sold not much later to a friend of his parents, who loved it.


During his honeymoon, he bought not one but two Cadillacs. The cars were shipped to Ypres, and were again sold. The ball had started rolling and Thierry specialised in purchasing and importing exceptional cars.


Besides his private collection, he has many years of experience in restoring classic cars. A book has recently been published by Lannoo about his personal collection: Passion for Cars

MC_Portret-2022_Ieper_150922 -18-2.jpg


Patrick has a passion for Maserati going back 30 years. He has also built up a beautiful collection over the years. It started many years ago with the classic Ghibli (AM115), which fuelled his love for the brand. The collection has since expanded to about 18 models.


Over the years, a number of Porsches, Mercedes, VW, etc., were also looked at, but none of them really appealed to Patrick that much. His focus remained on the Trident and all other makes were put aside.


He was also fascinated by the brand's unique history and strong engineering. Through starting his first single-handed repair 30 years ago, he has built up a great deal of technical knowledge. Moreover, he has developed a strong network.

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